The new MAC studio Sculpt Mascara in Superblack Lash ($17), coming September 4 to MAC counters and
“Meer!” the mascara monster roared. “Ik wil meer!”

She growled, baring her fangs, and her lips curled back. It was the deep, low growl that signaled danger was near. I steeled myself for her usual hissy fit.


“I know you want more,” I said, “but decent length, a good amount of separation and a jet-black carbon color are what you’ll get with MAC’s new studio Sculpt Mascara in Superblack Lash.”

The mascara monster stomped her feet like a T. rex in four-inch Louboutins. “Meer!”

“Look,” I said, “it’s basically the same as the sculpted Black studio Sculpt Lash Mascara MAC released earlier this year, but richer and darker. remember when I fed you sculpted Black back in March? It was that one with the wand that looked like teeth…”


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$ 42

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The mascara monster paused to consider this for a moment and then grunted, which I took for a “yes.” She appeared to relax somewhat, and then nodded, as if to say that she was ready to proceed.

“You liked that one just fine,” I said, “especially the brush’s teeth. You thought they made it super easy to separate your lashes, and you appreciated the lack of flaking and smudging, but, eventually, you grew dissatisfied, as you always do, and proceeded to grumble about craving more volume and better curl hold.

“This new Superblack Lash creates the same exact lash look. The separation and length are there, but it doesn’t add a ton of volume. Oh, and would you look at that? It’s more expensive. MAC raised the price a dollar from $16 to $17.”

Before and after yo!

Enraged, the mascara monster roared and swung at the air with her mascara wand-shaped fists. Her eyes were wide and wild.

“Ik weet het?” Ik zei. “I’m also kind of cranky about that. It seemed like MAC used to go years between price hikes, and even then, it was only 50 cents here and there. Now, it’s like every time you turn around, something is more expensive.”

The mascara monster stood very still, slowly breathing in and out. She appeared to slump forward sadly and mewled. “More…” Her lower lip trembled.

I sensed that she was finally calming down, so I pet her back and handed her a Shu Uemura lash curler to play with. She looked deeply into my eyes and smiled.

Coming to all North American MAC locations and September 4 through October 30, the new $17 MAC studio Sculpt Mascara in Superblack Lash delivers pretty good length and separation, along with an intense carbon black color.

It doesn’t flake or smudge, but the volume and curl hold are merely average. good for gals/guys who already have fairly thick lashes and are mostly looking for some extra definition, or, for those searching for a straight-up lengthening and separating mascara in the MAC mascara family.


“Don’t you worry,” I said to the mascara monster, trying to soothe her. “Het komt goed. I’m sure we’ll find you a tasty new mascara to eat tomorrow.”

PRICE: $17
AVAILABILITY: September 4 though October 30 at all North American MAC locations and; all international MAC locations some time in September
Makeup en beauty blog Score: B

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